about Corey

Welcome, I’m Corey Alexander – a coach specializing in skills to support intimacy. I’m based in Santa Monica and travel to the SF bay area often.

Who am I? I spent my twenties and thirties working as a vision quest guide and addictions counselor with over 2,000 days as a wilderness guide. Through horsemanship and tango I have deepened my ability to notice my own presence and the ability to pay close attention to body cues.

Some of my outstanding teachers are; Baba Dez Nichols, Jim Benson, Kamala Devi and Scott Catamas. The work of David Deida, Thomas Leonard and my participation with the Human Awareness Institute deeply informs my life as well.

How coaching works: I meet you wherever you are. We will have a conversation to best determine where and how to begin. Together we’ll explore what blocks you from experiencing your heart’s true desire. I’ll help you honor your feelings, needs and values and practice finding your ease.

Payment Cost for all sessions is on a sliding scale. 1/2-hour initial phone consultation is free. Send an email to LoveCoachCorey@gmail.com requesting coaching if you wish to set up a free introductory phone call.

Amazing results occur quickly working with a coach and the benefits are ongoing. Imagine living beyond current limitations and being really happy with the depth of your connections for the rest of your life!

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