Joy is Your Birthright

Are you ready for inspiring, confident sex that transforms your entire life?

Are you feeling unfulfilled or unskilled in your intimacy?

Are you ready for depth of connection and real passion?

Does a body vibrating with pleasure sound good to you?

Do you want to be able to talk honestly and freely about sexuality?

Harmonious and loving intimacy is supported by learned skills, but trial and error is not the best way to learn. I help capable, motivated men, women and couples to take their sexual / romantic life far beyond what they have experienced before. Whether you are “playing it safe” or stuck or are just ready to go to the next level, together we can bring awareness to the patterns and break through the challenges that may have seemed insurmountable. The intimacy and love and exquisite heart-fullness you desire is very attainable.

Just like you would have a trainer for optimal results in the gym or in your profession, a trainer for your intimate life makes ultimate sense.  You likely already have a sense of what blocks you from experiencing the true desire of your soul and I will help you ask better questions of yourself and live into your truth and your edge. I’ll help you to find your ease and show up for the great life that is yours to claim. I’ll help you reconcile your sexuality with your spiritual nature.

Every Hero’s Journey has a guide. Amazing results occur quickly working with a coach and the benefits are ongoing. Masculine-feminine dynamics can be a source of appreciation and excitement once they are understood. Imagine living beyond current limitations and being really happy with the depth and texture of your intimate connections for the rest of your life!

When you see the world differently, the world changes. I work with people who are moved to go beyond their longing and live brilliantly!

Thank you Corey! In all my long life I’ve never felt so met. My challenges are great and with your patience and skill and compassion you’ve helped me more than anyone! Pamela Wyzga

My history: My twenties and thirties were devoted to being a wilderness vision quest guide and recovery counselor. I loved leading people deep into the mountains and desert and was profoundly inspired by the courage and creativity of my students. I then settled into a seven-year sexless marriage made difficult by lack of truth-telling and few intimacy skills in general.

When that marriage met its logical and painful end I hired a love coach and made a deep study of sexual intimacy, masculine-feminine dynamics and tantra. I became forever transformed by life-changing tantric sex and created workshops in communication, intimate relationship and sacred sexuality.

I’ve also been deeply immersed in Native American earth-based spirituality for most of my life. I’ve been a sundance singer and I lead sweat lodge and other ceremonies as a member in good standing of the Native American Church.

You can see that my road to relationship health was filled with heartache and repeating lame patterns. However, now I live an amazing life full of rich experiences and it is my passion and joy to help people transform their own experience of sex and relationship. I respectfully work with a spectrum of heterosexual, LGBTQ, emerging identity and KINK clients.

Some of my outstanding teachers: Bodhi Avinasha, Baba Dez Nichols, Jim Benson, Kamala Devi, Charles Muir and Scott Catamas. The work of David Deida, Thomas Leonard and my participation with the Human Awareness Institute deeply informs my life as well.

Common topics I help people with:

Relationship tension

Masculine / Feminine dynamics

Intimate communication

Spiritual Sexuality

Becoming a master lover

Tantra / Slow Sex

Ejaculation choice

Multiple orgasms

Preparing to meet someone special


Long-distance relationships

Respectful relationship ending


Coaching focuses on results and is not meant to be long-term. Coaching is about creating a different future. Change happens quickly when you are ready. 

I offer one to six-month coaching packages. **I have coaching space for 2 more people at this time. So, if you want to make it a priority to drastically improve your intimate life, then reach out to me.

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