Posted by: Corey Folsom | August 20, 2010

Create a Magic Moment with a Tantric Embrace

A wonderful way to connect with your partner when you first meet after an absence is a simple, energetically clean hug. This is a great way to tune your energies by simply placing your bodies together without creating an obligation to do more. When you’re in closer energetic harmony, then it is easier to move to greater intimacy or you may just allow the loving touch to be a renewing contact.

The technique is as follows:

Take your partner into an embrace

Each of you stands with your weight on your own feet

Be in stillness

You should each primarily feel of yourself (this is very important)

Give yourself time to relax into your own body. Feel at home in your own space

Look for your own depth of feeling

Tune in to your purpose in this moment

Breathe slowly, deeply and easily

Allow yourself to just be

You will find that both of your energies and feelings shift by simply putting your bodies together in a centered and still way.

More thoughts on togetherness

Too often it is easy to energetically “over-give” or to get into your partner’s energetic space without realizing it. Remaining grounded and maintaining appropriate space in your togetherness provides the other person an invitation for authentic movement. I must first be connected with myself in order to really be present for my woman. It is my steady presence that she desires most.

Share the space between you rather than occupying it all yourself. Over-merging reduces sexual charge. You don’t want to surround yourself with a thick emotional wall at one extreme, but “giving your all” while holding nothing back for yourself is also less appealing. Neither state is attractive to an awakened woman. I give her the best of me when I rest in the center of my heart and allow a higher love to shine through me.

In Sacred Sexuality we talk about “conscious touch”. This is to put heightened attention at your hands and being fully aware of the impact / effect of your touch. Touching should not be to “take” (like “copping a feel”) but the intent is “I am giving to you” and it should definitely feel like a sweet gift by the receiver.

Releasing attachments is a helpful practice to honor each persons sovereign space. You may simply gaze in each other’s eyes and hold the intentions with these words as you declare out loud:

I honor you

I bless you

I release you

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