Posted by: Corey Folsom | September 4, 2010

Erotic Pillow Talk for the Bedroom

In sacred sex, the divine essence of our partner is honored. One sweet way to hold this gift as precious is to language our interaction and our bodies in a beautiful way.

As a man I grew up hearing lovemaking described in all sorts of coarse, vulgar, unfeeling and sometimes violent ways from older boys and popular culture. I was never offered the perspective of sex as “sacred energy exchange”.

My beloved and I borrowed some terms from our teachers, Charles Muir & Leah Alchin and we also developed a few of our own.

The woman’s vagina is more lovingly and affectionately spoken of as her “sacred space” or her “yoni”.

The man’s penis is honored by the term “wand of light” or “lingam” (commonly just “wand”.)

The woman’s clit is tenderly spoken of as her “pearl”.

Going down on her becomes an “Oh my”, which stands for Oral Honoring of My Yoni.

Blow job is better termed a “big joy” since calling it a “job” feels demeaning compared to the heart opening that occurs.

In our intimacy an orgasm becomes known as a “waterfall” (because sometimes it feels as if we’re approaching, dancing at the edge and then going over a waterfall of pleasure).

The woman’s ejaculatory fluid is reverently described as “amrita” and is accepted as a blessing of the highest order.

A male ejaculation becomes honored as a “fountain”.

The full feeling / expression from our heart is referenced as a “heart-on”.

A soft penis is welcomed in our play as a “soft-on”.

My erections are celebrated as evidence that I’m “alive and well” (as in “Oh, I see that you’re alive and well!”).

We call the blessing of the man’s ejaculatory fluid “divine nectar”.

As you can see our language supports the way in which we come together in reverence and honor.


  1. Thank you for the blog – totally enjoy reading it! Some clever terminology :-).


    • Thanks Robin, keep coming back – I have a lot of articles in the pipeline. Shanti, Corey


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