Posted by: Corey Folsom | October 24, 2011

My Woman’s Feelings When I Notice Another Woman

After my recent article “When a Woman Turns a Man’s Head” the question was raised:  How do you handle your current woman’s feelings when you obviously notice another woman?

The best advice I can offer is to be really with your woman when you’re with her. Give her your 100% when you’re together. Let her know how important she is to you. Find out her “love language” (book by Gary Chapman) and give affection in her preferred way.

More than anything else that you can give, your woman wants your presence most of all. When my head is turned momentarily my woman is secure in knowing that I am deeply in love with her and my appreciation of another’s beauty will not affect my want and desire for her. She is secure in knowing that she is the true object of my affection.

She knows the internal process that happens with me at those moments because I have shared that with her. (See my article “When a Woman Turns a Man’s Head.) She feels the renewal and the life that I bring to her because I am alive and optimistic and that she is my chosen one. She has seen my integrity in action time and again. She knows that she is my clear choice.

We also re-orient to our love often. (through words, affectionate touch and by connecting in a meaningful way at transitions.) We try to start every day with some form of connecting in love. We are honest with the truth in our bodies. What I mean is that when I’m aroused my lover knows and when I am feeling conservative with my energy I’ll communicate that to her, too.


  1. Hey Corey, such simple and sound advice here. As a woman it is important for me to know my man has “chosen” me. I want to feel confident that he is not looking for greener grass so to speak,
    and it is also important that I love myself. When my man’s head is turned and I feel hurt it shows me a place in myself that isn’t love. I want to take responsibility for my part in my own confidence as a goddess!
    Keep up the good work Corey, I’m so happy you are following your dreams!
    Love, Lindy


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