Posted by: Corey Folsom | January 31, 2013

The Beauty of Older Women

A smile comes easily to her expression and her eyes shine with light. She speaks her feelings with directness and astuteness. She carries herself with confidence and dignity. Her beauty and her personal power are interwoven. People will comment that there’s a radiance or “glow” about her. Perhaps it has to do with deepening into self-acceptance and choosing to live as love? Whatever the reason, we can notice it if we stop to look. We’ve all seen her – in the media she’s sometimes referred to as the “sexy-over-50” woman.

Of course we all understand that radiance is not age-dependent. For me, sexy has to do with an openness and flow of energy more than “parts” or looks. It’s less about years and more about how a person lives inside their own skin. It’s about how sure they are of who and what they are. A smile can be sexy. A confident, knowing smile is more sexy!

Older women have done so much – raised a family or grown a business, perhaps seen parents age, for example. This matures anyone and these experiences help us figure out what works for us and what doesn’t. I like to feel that my woman has chosen me from a deep, self-informed place. Often there is a “softening of spirit” in a woman which enables a quality of profound devotion. The Great Clock of life is ticking for all of us and as we get older the attitude of “carpe diem” (or “carpe noctem”) takes on increased relevance.

Nothing in this article is meant to imply that younger women aren’t attractive and great to be with! However, a young, physically attractive woman who is guarded or manipulative with her sexuality is far less sexy than an older woman whose energy flows easily. The woman who offers her heart opened wide and allows pleasure to move her is stunning to be with. In my experience, every woman is radiant when she accesses her pleasure and her joy. Awesome radiant love that yearns to express is what each woman is at her core. We do well to acknowledge her in our hearts as love and as latent devotional trust.

Beauty is something I see and radiance is something I feel. The kind of beauty I refer to comes from fine proportion and form. Radiance is a glow that warms my spirit in a similar way as the sun warms my body. I’m not fundamentally different than other men it’s just that I’ve been exposed to the sheer, uninhibited pleasure and power of the goddess and it awakened great joy in me.

The woman who has spent decades yearning for a trustable, present man with whom to offer her full devotion is less inclined to settle for less than someone who is deserving of her deepest heart. The woman who brings her own deep pleasure as a gift for her beloved to feel, worship and behold–such a woman is agelessly sexy. She can serve without demeaning herself. She presents herself as a devotional gift. A woman like that will rise into love with her chosen intimate partner rather than “fall in love”. Each person in that partnership can inspire the other to bring forth the best of each other.


  1. I’m very interested to hear your experience with the subject of over-50 women being sexual and radiant.


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