about Corey

Welcome, I’m a coach specializing in skills to support intimate relationship. I’m based in Los Angeles and travel to the San Francisco bay area often and I’m available to speak and teach worldwide.

Who am I? I spent my twenties and thirties working as a wilderness vision quest guide and recovery counselor. I have over 3,000 hours of individual, relationship and group coaching experience, which include designing and leading workshops in communication, intimate relationship and sacred sexuality.

Some of my outstanding teachers are; Baba Dez Nichols, Jim Benson, Kamala Devi, Charles Muir and Scott Catamas. The work of David Deida, Thomas Leonard and my participation with the Human Awareness Institute deeply informs my life as well.

Why Relationship Coaching? A harmonious, balanced and loving intimacy is a learned skill, but where are we supposed to learn it beside trial and error? I help couples who want to take their life together to the next level as well as those in crisis. I also assist single men and women who are ready to prepare themselves to meet someone special and create the life they know is possible.

How coaching works: We’ll explore what blocks you from experiencing your true desire and change the pattern. I’ll help you to find your ease and claim your power. I respectfully work with heterosexual, LGBTQ, emerging identity and KINK clients.

Payment: Cost for all sessions is reasonable and amazing results occur quickly working with a coach and the benefits are ongoing. Imagine living beyond current limitations and being really happy with the depth and texture of your intimate connections for the rest of your life!

Testimonial: Thank you Corey! In all my long life I have never felt so met. My challenges are great and with your patience and skill and compassion you’ve helped me more than anyone!  Pamela Wyzga

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