I’m available for private sessions in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area (or by phone / zoom anywhere). I am open to traveling farther to lecture or teach.

Ask me anything! I welcome your questions and thoughts.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Corey. I’m not good at understanding the subtleties of poetry, but I’ve no trouble with yours. I’ve only ever felt complete when giving pleasure to a woman. It’s like praying for me. Problem is; women begin to demand my giving, or my love and what I have to give no longer flows from me but is taken from me. Seems to disallow me of the pleasure of giving freely. I’ve been told that it’s my own fault. That I spoil them, but I can’t see any other way for me. It’s just who I am or who I’ve made myself into. Wrong?…
    I’m sending this blog of yours to a few friends of mine around the land who I think will both understand, appreciate, and want to learn more. I also would like to learn more about these teachings – Eddie


    • Ed, You spoke well – honoring the intimate union is a prayer. To remain balanced and have healthy boundaries I must maintain a solo practice and be grounded in my intentions and upfront with myself about my own motivations. All that in place still requires me to claim my voice and remain present for myself in the moment. My experience is that the woman feels more safe when I share my true feelings even if it may be messy, because it’s real and in that she has safety. Peace, Corey


  2. Dear Corey, what a beautiful surprise! Yes, Lindy is magnificent all the way round and I perceive you as a strong loving man. Thank you and by the way your poems have the sweetness of the feminine essence, so special for a man to embrace it in his core. Much love and all the joy in your journey. Chaitanyo


    • Hi Chaitanyo, I appreciate your heartfelt comments and stay posted – there are many blog articles and poems to come.


  3. I have started reading parts of Dear Lover. Am I on your upcoming blog notifications?
    Peace, Coral


    • Hi Coral,

      If you click on the little box below the contact box that should do it. Tell me of your “aha moments” as you read and ponder.


  4. how do I meet men (I’m a woman) that do this kind of work on themselves, that are under your guidance?


    • For a woman, a self-growth workshop is a good start. or something to do with sacred sexuality or estatic dance. Being comfortable and happy and excited to be in your own skin is key to attracting someone worthy. The men might just show up and find you if you are living a fun and vibrant internal and external life.


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