His wand of light awakens

as a star birthed in a new world

her sacred temple door opens

like a flower receiving

the springtime sun

————  Corey

My heart is struck like a bell

when I first see you

I am moved by your beauty

every time

————-  Corey

My body flexes like a bow

My heart aims for you like an arrow

I release

My arrow disappears into the infinite

————-  Corey

Misty, your example of  courage

grace and friendship

will inspire me


———–  Corey

Eyes of the huntress flash at me

Heart of the huntress sparkles light

Radiating glorious love into each other

Body of the huntress embraces me

Into ecstasy

We are free

to be ourselves.

Not hiding or shrinking,

being present in our sexual bodies.

We bring truth to each other

I am in awe, adoration and admiration

that there is such a woman

with the courage to dare to be alive

and who wants me to awaken with her.

I am dreaming of a stunning goddess walking on rose petals to my bed.

I dream of joy so real and so great that

all we can do is cry great tears of gratitude together.

Can I allow myself a dream this big?

Am I awakened?

———–  Corey

I’ve hiked alone in grizzly country

Climbed 1,000-foot cliffs

To feel clarity

Now, I am shiva breathing joy and fire

In the presence of the goddess

———–  Corey


  1. Corey, wow! Great words of feeling it all. I am inspired. I am grateful to know you and see your grrrr growing with strength and power. You have touched my heart always and all ways.
    Love Lindy


    • Thanks Lindy, My shiva is called out!


  2. I bow to the Divine spark within you brother and I thank you for reflecting that in me with your words. You walk the Beauty way our encounter was inevitable. I honour your path.


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