My time with Corey was very worthwhile. He followed my energy and celebrated me as I went through a powerful journey. I experienced pleasure and tears and contacted the truth that lives inside me. The experience was great and the newer, stronger version of me is a big reward. Thank you!  Stephanie T, Los Angeles, CA

Corey created and held sacred space — allowing the real me to come through in its own time. Corey also gave me the experience of being with someone whose intention was only to honor me without wants or needs for himself – something for which I am most grateful.  This was not familiar to me and indeed awakened the part of me that I so needed to welcome back into my life. Love and light, Chris, San Diego, CA

My life is forever changed for the better! When we first met I sensed his beautiful energy and internal calm. I am so comfortable with him. He created an atmosphere with clear boundaries conducive to me contacting my true bliss. Corey masterfully guided me through my process, step by step.I’m happier, more open to the moment, lighter and people say I look younger!  Mary-Margaret, Santa Cruz, CA

My sessions with Corey were simply amazing. He was right with me as I went through my process and he never wavered. My life is richer for the having touched a most beautiful part of me – the beloved that dwells within. Thank you Corey.  Adrianna Grace, Maui

Thank you Corey! In all my long life I have never felt so met. My challenges are great and with your patience and skill and compassion you’ve helped me more than anyone!  Pamela Wyzga, Santa Cruz, CA

Corey’s a man I can trust and rely on. The main ingredients to feeling open for me are that the man has clear boundaries and impeccable integrity. Corey has both and I would recommend him to anyone. He takes the time to listen and work in harmony with a woman’s pace and to connect with her heart’s desire. In gratitude and respect, Lindy James, Santa Cruz, CA

I appreciate your caring and sincerity. Your kindness and respect was just what I needed. You have enriched my life. Thank you very much. Keiko, San Diego, CA

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